A Casual Tavern

and Eatery!

Jiggs McAllister's Music Saloon

Sizzling Burgers, Famous Wings, Cocktails
& Entertainment Under One Roof

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An Iconic Restaurant in Butler, NJ

Jiggs McAllister's Music Saloon is a casual tavern and eatery offering eclectic rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia. Founded in 1987, our restaurant makes the best hot wings in Butler, NJ.

We are a family-owned and operated eatery where you will find sizzling burgers, sandwiches, famous wings, cold beer, cocktails, and entertainment.

Jiggs McAllister's Music Saloon

Memorable Moments

Jiggs McAllister's Music Saloon

We have become famous for our hot wings in various sauces, burgers, popular appetizers, and dinners, including homemade corned beef and lemon chicken. We are a family-friendly tavern atmosphere. The quality of our food and lip-smacking taste transform every meal into a memorable moment.

Come by and see why the locals are so proud to call us home.

Outstanding Food & Customer Service

Jiggs McAllister's Music Saloon became a fan favorite when we first opened our doors in 1987. Our recipes, outstanding food, and superior customer service created a demand that we could only satisfy.

We're not about to stop. We're all about taking our wings to another level, saucing and tossing the freshest flavors you’d love even more.

Jiggs McAllister's Music Saloon